Behavioral Services

The Behavioral Services, including Applied Behavioral Analysis provided by Burnett Therapeutic Services are specifically designed and tailored to increase the client’s positive, socially significant, and developmental outcomes. We believe that it is considered best practice to provide behavioral services in the person’s natural environment, such as the home and community, and to actively involve the person’s primary caregivers in the intervention. With that, there are also positive outcomes for the families and communities surrounding the individual receiving services.

All services provided by Burnett Therapeutic Services use an adaptable model so that our services can be individually designed to meet the specific needs of the client and family. We serve people with varying support and training needs including individuals with developmental disabilities, individuals who have a dual diagnosis; exhibit behavioral challenges; history of misconduct; require assistance with self-help skills; are pregnant and/or have minor children and child-rearing responsibilities; have impaired mobility and/or require therapeutic treatment and interventions. Each individual served by Burnett Therapeutic Services will be provided with the support and services that correlate to his or her needs and their family’s needs, as appropriate.

If you are interested in finding out more or to receive information about insurance eligibility, please call (707) 299-8250. We look forward to hearing from you and helping however we can.

We currently service clients with Anthem, Partnership, NBRC and Kaiser insurance. For other insurances, we may bill them as an out-of-network provider after we verify and confirm eligibility.